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Enrich your life with an empowering journey that will do more than prepare you to teach Kundalini Yoga – it will transform your life!

One of the main experiences we are blessed with in a TT is learning to teach ourselves about ourselves. The clearer we become, the more remember who we really are ,the more we can inspire others to do the same. Teaching others is the best way to master the art of living with full awareness, humility and a deep appreciation for all that is. As a teacher you are reflecting profound Truths that will forever uplift your students perspective on life and what is possible. It is an exciting honour!


Naya Academy’s 200-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is an opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga, offering you a variety of techniques, tools and ways of being that will continuously allow you to keep raising your own vibrations, positively effecting both you and the world around you. In this space of expanded awareness and gratitude you become a lighthouse, you show the way as a teacher and become a shining example of our vast potentials for creativity, kindness and empowerment .


Set in Bali, one of the most beautiful islands on this planet, you will not only enrich your life through the teachings and yogic lifestyle, but also nourish your body, heart and soul with the healing energy of this magical island. This teacher training will also cultivate confidence, challenge insecurities, transform your ability to feel connected to yourself and others… and certainly shake things up!


This commitment requires courage! You should come ready to work, to practice, to meet yourself, explore new gifts and transform. All the while in a nurturing, healing and supportive environment.


“Where there is mystery there is no mastery, and where there is mastery there is no mystery. The only miracle is that by God’s grace you put your ego aside and let God have a chance. Then there is no limit to your intuition, intelligence, and healing presence” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Training Dates:

30 July - 27 August, 2017



Naya Ubud, Bali



28 days of immersive training

with 3 days off


Yoga Methods:

Kundalini Yoga


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