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Riverside Deck

Spaces Overview

Pool Joglo

Upon entering Naya, guests are welcomed into the heart of the retreat center – the ‘Pool Joglo’ – a community lounge created within a Javanese structure, constructed of reclaimed wood, and lovingly restored and converted into a covered outdoor space. Relax in one of the many different seating areas over food and drinks with friends or family, or simply relax with a book and a glass of fresh tropical juice made to order. The Pool Joglo is also an ideal space for parties, gatherings and workshops.


Yoga Shala

Down by the river and a bamboo grove, is Naya's open-air 1300 sq.ft. yoga shala. This traditional Balinese structure features rich wood floors, ironwood struts, and a pitched ylang ylang roof and accommodates up to 40 - perfect for yoga classes, live music performances, dancing, Capoeira, meditation, and much more. Flickering candles, a state of the art speaker system, fireflies, birds, gekos, the sound of the river below, the distant chants of a Balinese priest, and strains of gamelon converge to make the space feel like something out of a dream. It also has 2 bathrooms, orbital ceiling fans, mats for 40 people, blocks and bolsters.


Ozone Swimming Pool

To cool off, step into the adjoining infinity pool. The pool is cleansed by an Ozone system, which uses 90% less chlorine, giving the water a smooth, velvety texture, which is kinder and healthier for guests and less harsh on the environment.


Naya Spa

Naya Spa is situated in a quiet corner of the garden, and is equipped with 4 massage beds for in-house traditional Balinese massages.


River Deck

Down by the river is a deck where guests can lounge, enjoy the peaceful sounds of the birds and the beauty of Saraswati, the goddess of music, arts and knowledge. This is also a perfect space for gathering your group for fire or Agnihotra ceremonies. 



We have a fully equipped modern kitchen in which our chefs prepare meals and offer cooking classes for a nominal fee. Enjoy your meal in the privacy of your villa or seated at our lovely communal dining table which seats up to 25.



In harmony with local tradition, there are four temples strategically located on Naya’s grounds, as instructed by Balinese priests. Naya staff conducts daily offerings to maintain the balance of peace and harmony.


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