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Upcoming Retreats 2022



Goddess Retreat

August 26- September 2, 2023

Hosted by Kelly Collins

An 8-day retreat to awaken the divine goddess within! Join Kelly Collins to tap into your divine feminine energy and reconnect to your authentic self, enhance your mind-body balance, release energetic and mental blocks, and manifest the life of your dreams. This retreat includes daily yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance parties, and sacred rituals along with a variety of experiences throughout the week to immerse yourself in the Balinese culture and nature!





Fenruary 5-11, 2023

Hosted by Freya Bramble-Carter and Tseyang Yoga

Join Freya Bramble-Carter and Tseyang Yoga for 7 days as we tune in and take a deeper dive into our Vessel. A sweet, little journey to learn, expand and relax, in Bali 5- 11 Feb 2023. This is perfect for those with busy lives who are prepared to take a moment for themselves and escape into a world of pottery practise and mindfull-ness, at an intricately slower pace. Connect and learn the craft of improving your inner-self along with your art form. 

Designed as an all-inclusive wellness experience featuring lots of clay, daily yoga, meditation, natural surroundings, communal eating farm to table food, beautiful stillness, sound healing, walking, waterfalls, swimming, new friends and even more clay. 




Renew with Spirit

October 30- November 5, 2022

Hosted by Hayley Lowe

"My second retreat to Bali will answer your inner call for expansion, spiritual development and renewal!"


Striking the balance between rejuvenation and adventure, our lightly structured schedule will guide you through a journey inward of rest and reflection as well as expansion outward through group work and authentic Balinese spiritual excursions to ultimately return home renewed.  



Oui, We Holistic Wellness Retreat

March 27- 1 April, 2023

Hosted by Andi Eaton

Featuring multi-sensory experiences — this retreat combines meditation, movement, kundalini, contemporary spirituality, and exploration – curated for the conscious human. Featuring spa experiences, healing modalities, and cultural connections find a renewed sense of well-being while enjoying an immersive and luxurious experience in one of the most magical places in the world.

Hosted by Andi Eaton of Oui, We - a platform dedicated to the modern mystic, Andi is a Soul Strategist working with companies like Google, Pinterest, and AVEDA, as well as conscious brands and CEOs interested in fusing soul and spirit into creativity and work. Her method incorporates yogic technology, the psychology of manifestation, cosmic alignment, and the science of human energy. Find Andi on IG at @ouiwegirl.




New Years Yoga Retreat

December 28, 2022- January 6, 2023

Hosted by Jenny Holding and Nancy Tvedt

Escape from the pace of life and find your soul center on with Jenny Holding and Nancy Tvedt, lead instructors from Atlanta Georiga, U.S.A.  Begin the New Year with magic and wonder on this 10 day retreat at Naya Ubud, Tune out the regiments of life and invite the soothing energy of healing and ignite vitality to your spirit for 2023 and delve deep during this retreat.

Manifest Good Fortune, Perception and Clarity.

Establish a calming and balancing practice.

Promote creativity and eloquence as you restore your internal power.

Reestablish your personal faith and hope.

Kindle kindness to yourself and others.

Improve your intuition.




Awaken the Goddess Retreat

February 18-25, 2023 

Hosted by Angela Rauscher

Angela’s annual retreat at Naya Ubud since 2017, Awaken the Goddess Retreat is a transformational journey through the chakras…


Imagine a soul journey of heart-opening yoga, meditation and wellness coaching infused with the ancient wisdom of the chakras.  Imagine coming together with a group of like-minded soul sisters — to share, to dance, to heal, to connect with the divine feminine and awaken the Goddess within. 


Immerse yourself in 8-days of spiritual nourishment, sacred rituals, Balinese culture, nature, and sisterhood. 




Yogoa Retreat

March 18-26, 2023 

Hosted by Alexander Borovik 

9 days of yoga in the tradition of BKS Iyengar with Alexander Borovik 


Alex will inspire you to go deeper in your yoga practice and to get the full benefit out of the poses using, when needed, the perfect set up for your body. The daily practice is designed in a way you will feel energised and relaxed. Be prepared to be challenged in the morning asana classes but also to let go and relax during the afternoon restorative sessions. 

Everyone is welcome, beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. The group will be small, perfect to improve and deepen your practice.



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