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Naya's Top Tips For Your Trip to Bali

Tip 1. Do you need a visa? Check your country’s visa requirements prior to arrival. Have US$35 in cash for 30 day Visa-­‐On-­‐Arrival

Tip 2. Carry a sarong (cloth) to wrap around you for entering temples or holy sites

ATMs accept bank cards from all over the world. Notify your bank that you will be using your card in Bali. American Express is not widely accepted

Tip 3. Bring an electric adapter (two round pins, 220 volt)

Tip 4. Exchange rates will be better in Bali. Change a small amount in your country (US$50) and once you are in Ubud, we will direct you to establishments with good rates

Tip 5. Carry natural mosquito repellant with you

If you bring US dollars, be sure they are printed in 2001 or later and in excellent condition. US$100 bills get the best exchange rate

Tip 7. Need to stay in touch? Bring your mobile to Bali and buy a pre-­‐paid SIM card. We advise ‘Sympati’ or ‘XL.’ Basic SIM cards cost approximately Rp100.000 (US$10)

Tip 8. Be sure to have Rp200.000 in cash for airport departure tax

Interested to learn more about what to pack, immigration and airport transfers?

We've created a guide to help you prepare for your trip to Bali! Click here to download the file.

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